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Engine Repair and Replacement

Is your vehicle underperforming? It’s important to have a vehicle that runs well and is reliable. When your vehicle is experiencing problems, your local AAMCO center is ready to help. Our expert mechanics can assist you with engine repair, engine replacement, maintenance services, and much more! A vehicle that’s well-maintained and professionally serviced will last longer and go further!

It never fails. Vehicle problems always happen at the worst times. Whether it’s a stalled car in the middle of rush hour traffic, no air conditioning on the hottest day of the year, or your check engine light just came on, our AAMCO technicians want you to know we’re here for you. Every technician in our Queensbury center is trained to diagnosis and repair all types of engine malfunctions. From simple solutions like adding brake fluid to complex problems such as major engine services, our team will work hard to find the lowest cost solution to get your vehicle running again.

There are many reasons why you may need a new engine. The following are some of the most common reasons:

  • Gear shift problems
  • Burning oil at a rapid pace
  • Excessive exhaust from the tail pipe
  • Loud operations
  • Smoke coming from engine
  • Front-end damage from an accident

If it’s determined that you need a new engine, you can be sure that we’ll help you find a high-quality engine and/or the parts compatible with your vehicle. We take into consideration the year, make, and model of your vehicle when shopping for replacement parts. Our careful attention to detail and impeccable mechanical skills ensure that your car will operate without further complications.

We know that you’re invested in the safety and upkeep of your vehicle. So are we! For regular maintenance and engine repair and replacement in Queensbury, visit your local AAMCO center today. We offer low pricing, guaranteed improved vehicle performance, and great customer service! We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our quick, accurate repairs so that you can get back on the road and enjoy driving your vehicle again.



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