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Check Engine Light Service

A check engine light can be a huge bother. Thankfully, AAMCO’s team of auto repair and service specialists will check it out absolutely free! Simply print the coupon on this page and bring it into our service center for a free inspection.

Check Engine Light Offer

Now if your car or truck's Check Engine Light comes on, we'll check it for FREE and whether you need repairs or further internal diagnostics performed, you can always trust AAMCO.

Offer Good Thru: 01/10/19
Valid at AAMCO in Queensbury
( 599 Aviation Road )
Visual inspection, retrieval and reporting on trouble codes are free of charge. Additional diagnostic may be recommended and charges may apply. May not apply to vehicles 1995 and older. This coupon must be presented at vehicle drop-off at the center identified above. The coupon is not valid in other centers. There is a limit of one coupon per vehicle, and the coupon may not be combined with other offers, discounts, or special fleet pricing. The coupon is valid on most vehicles, but certain exclusions apply. Void where prohibited or if altered.

AAMCO of Queensbury, New York, is familiar with check engine light codes and diagnoses, as well as those rare occasions when lights flash for no apparent reason. If your lights are flashing, contact one of our service centers at (518) 692-6958 and get that annoying indicator off of your dash and out of your mind. We promise to offer excellent check engine light service at great prices, and will only perform the work that’s absolutely necessary to solve whatever problem your vehicle is detecting.

When a check engine light is on, your vehicle is sensing something unusual, like a part that needs servicing or a low fluid level. Some of the most common reasons that your check engine light is flashing include:

  • Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor or circuit problems
  • The system is running too lean, meaning that there’s too much oxygen in the exhaust
  • The system is running too rich, meaning there’s too high a fuel to oxygen ratio in your vehicle
  • Cylinder misfire: A P0300 series of codes indicates a random or multiple misfire in your engine.
  • Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction: Your vehicle's computer constantly adjusts and retimes the engine so that it doesn't produce harmful pre-ignition detonation or knock.
  • Insufficient Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Flow
  • Catalyst System Efficiency below threshold

Of course, the most common indicator lights you’ll see on your dash are simple to understand, because they’re extremely common. For instance, you may be low on fuel, your seatbelt is not buckled, or you have cruise control on. However, there hundreds of other codes, causes, and problems that can trigger your check engine light, and each problem requires a different solution.

Don’t worry about getting to the bottom of this on your own. That’s what AAMCO is here for. So, stop by our Queensbury, New York, service center today for a free inspection, and expert repairs. We promise to fix it right the first time, every time.



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